The Flash- Lightning Halloween Cosplay Masquerade Mask


The super-fast hero the Flash(Barry) travels into a timeline where Earth is a mess and its heroes are lost and scattered. It's up to him to put things right.
Able to run at near light-speeds, his powers provide the ultimate caffeine kick: He can run up buildings, move so swiftly he phases through objects, create sonic booms with the snap of his fingers—and never need to order delivery. Despite his speed, Barry can become so obsessed with crime-solving he can still lose track of everything else around him, leaving the fastest man alive constantly running a minute behind.

The Flash Lightning Bolt masquerade eye mask is designed in the vintage costume style, composed of a broadcloth blend and is one-size fits all.
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  • Type: Party Masks
  • Occasion: Party
  • Cover Area: Upper Half Face
  • Age Group: Children
  • Mask Material: cloth
  • Type: superhero