Rotatable Wireless Car Charger

Have you ever heard about a wireless charger with a 360-degree movable stand? Well then here we came with a car wireless charger with a stand.
It is Combined with phone charger and holder with fastest charging.compatible with all types of phone. Get your today, fastest wireless charger
Rotatable charger
360°rotatable ball enable to hold the phone in a perfect viewing angle while driving Fast wireless Car Charger.

Adjustable Holder
Length You could adjust the length of the holder to fit your phone to the best charge position.
Auto Gripped
Gravity and Linkage design, when you put your phone into it, the two sides will automatically grip your phone; Slip Upwards to take your phone out. One hand operation, easy and convenient.
Two Ways
Easy to install. Support vent mounting set and Dashboard installation as you prefer.

Items Includes: 1 pc wireless Car Charger

Product Feature:

    • Output Interface: USB
    • Compatible Brand: Samsung,xiaomi,Apple
    • USB Ports: 1
    • Output: 9V/1.67A
    • Input: 12-24V/5A
    • Power Source: USB
    • Support Quick Charge Technology: Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0,Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
    • Type: Wireless Charger
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