Lex Luthor 3D Printed Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs aren't only just utilities,they respresent what you stand for, they represent who you stand for, moreover when they stand, they stand bold. Love for the Superman series is an entirely diverse level of debate.. Love for the Batman series is an entirely diverse level of debate.On that note, AnimeVSHeroes proudly presents SUPERMAN:LEX LUTHOR series of sensationally vivid Wall Canvas Print Art collection.

Lex Luthor is one of the most dangerously intelligent men on the planet- a super-villain, a brilliant scientist, a billionaire industrialist, and Superman's greatest enemy. This combination makes him an extremely powerful and formidable opponent; he is ruthless, efficient and creative.

"[looks at a picture of angels vs demons] That should be upside down. We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky"

are you ready to be a brilliant billionaire madman,because it's easier than explaining what is killing you inside.”

Are you ready to confuse people, every morning at coffee?