Jean Grey Canvas 3D Printed

Wall Canvas Print Art is the Keystone to a good, aesthetic and creative lounge room. Love for the Batman series is an entirely diverse level of debate. On that note, AnimeVSHeroes proudly presents THE X-MEN:JEAN GREY series of sensationally vivid Wall Canvas Print Art collection. The younger daughter of history professor John Grey and his wife Elaine,Jean Grey is a Class Five mutant with immensely powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. "We come into this world alone and we leave the same way. The time we spent in between - time spent alive, sharing, learning together... is all that makes life worth living." Are you ready to Make life worth living with the phoenix, on your wall with this class canvas Wall Art?
  • Technics: Spray Painting
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Form: Combined
  • Material: Fabric Cloth
  • Medium: Waterproof Ink