Harley Quinn and Joker Canvas

Wall Canvas Print Art is the Keystone to a good, aesthetic and creative lounge room. Love for the Batman series is an entirely diverse level of debate. On that note, AnimeVSHeroes proudly presents THE SUICIDE SQUAD:Harley Quinn & The Joker series of sensationally vivid Wall Canvas Print Art collection. As we're sure you already know,The Joker and Harley Quinn are a match made in Hell.what’s significant about Suicide Squad is that it marks the first time that this infamous relationship has ever appeared in cinemas, and it’s likely that we’re going to be seeing a lot of them in future years "Face it, Harl, this stinks — yer a certified nut so wanted by the law in over a dozen states — and hopelessly in love with a murderous, psychopathic clown." Are you ready to Face a certified nut so and her murderous,psychopathic clown?
  • Technics: Spray Painting
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Form: Combined
  • Material: Fabric Cloth
  • Medium: Waterproof Ink