4 in 1 Professional Phone Lens

The unified photography experience with your phone just got better with the 4 in 1 Lens kit that is designed to let you enter a world, a reality of all that beholds the eye and beyond from the naked eye.

A kit lens that 4 of the most optimum lenses that every phone photographer would love to have. The pro lens kit captures images in HD and can even be used for professional purposes,

Cam7 (4)

The 5 layer protection makes them very compound while the small and portable size makes them easy to carry around anywhere you want. The clip is adjustable and therefore can be altered to fit the size of your phone and can be used on both the rear and front camera.

Lenses Features:

Long Focus Lens

The Long Focus lens is capable of zooming up to 2.0X and therefore you can start taking some distance and action shots are no longer a concern.

Cam7 (5)

Macro Lens

The Macro Lens is completely sound and can make objects seem 20 times larger than they actually are.

Cam7 (7)

Fisheye Lens:

The fisheye lens in the kit is capable of capturing images up to 180°. So the experience just got even more mesmerizing.

Wide Angle Lens

The Wide Angle lens could see a frame size of up to 120° and therefore group pictures with your peers are no longer a problem.

Cam7 (6)

Package Includes:

  • Lens Kit x 1 PC
  • Long Focus Lens x 1 PC
  • Macro Lens x 1 PC
  • Wide Angle Lens x 1 PC
  • Fisheye Lens x 1 PC

Product Features:

  • Compatible Brand: Samsung,HTC,Panasonic,Motorola,Sony-Ericsson,Apple iPhones,Toshiba
  • Camera Type: Wide-Angle Lens
  • Shape: Round

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