Asta Black Clover Anime Hoodie

your personal style jumps to infinity and beyond in this super awesome pullover cool 3D hoodie themed to characters of your favorite anime Black Clover Asta. This all-over sublimated print look will find a posse of admirers.


  • Higher printing resolution and better color output guarantee.
  • ISO 607 (4 needles 6 wires) sewing technique.
  • premium quality Polyester blend material.
  • EU/US unisex size, which means almost zero size complaints about fitting
  • The anti-fade printing can withstand machine wash, hand wash and even high-temperature wash without any reduces of the vibrancy of colors.
  • There are no extra adhesive materials on the surface of the fabric, therefore this 3D printing hoodie provides a higher level of texture and breathability.
  • Our unique dyeing process ensures that the dyeing materials are of strong affinity to the fabric, thus creating strong fastness which has a much better performance than the fabric with traditional printing techniques.
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